Following the launch of Unite Unity Left in December, we have been inundated with messages from people wishing to get involved from members across all regions and sectors and now we find ourselves in another lockdown thanks to the incompetence of this government, but also thanks to the opposition for failing to hold this government to account.
This public health crisis and lockdown makes it even more important that we move forward with building our networks of solidarity and supporting each other.

We need to support workers demanding safety at work, full pay for furlough, full sick pay and fighting of employers who are using covid as an excuse to attack staff and drive down pay and conditions.

Unite Unity Left will be at the heart of all those campaigns supporting workers in every region and sector.
Please do send in any disputes you are involved in, messages of support or quotes you wish to give us welcoming Unite Unity left to [email protected]

Together we will win both industrially and politically in the workplace, in the union and within the political system.
We are unapologetically dedicated to winning workplace power and organising collectively.

Looking forward to fighting alongside you
In solidarity
Unite Unity Left

Picture of Howard Beckett

Howard Beckett Unite Assistant General Secretary:

Unite Unity Left will have a crucial role in organising the future of Unite to ensure members are defended against the coming onslaught and I look forward to continuing to fighting alongside you to ensure our union is bigger and better than ever and able to defend our members.

Picture of Jennie Formby

Jennie Fomby:

Unite Unity Left has been established to bring together a committed, welcoming and passionate lay activist group in Unite who want to win industrially and politically in the workplace, in the union more widely and also within the political system of all our nations.

We are dedicated to winning workplace power and organising collectively to win for members, and that’s why your involvement and contribution is so important.