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Unite Unity Left are a committed, welcoming and passionate lay activist group in Unite the Union. This grouping of members are interested in winning both industrially and politically in the workplace, in the union and within the political system.

We are unapologetically dedicated to winning workplace power and organising collectively.




We are a group which spans all of the sectors in Unite, proud of the diversity of this unions workers and of the diversity of working people.

We believe in an openness to our politics, to having honest dialogue and to creating space where people are able to offer their opinion, have their minds changed, can grow and organise in a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. 

We believe in class politics and that industrial conditions are bound up with political decisions, we therefore care about both.

We know that our union will need to build and grow to deal with what the future looks like post this pandemic – on top of the challenges of a post-Brexit Britain to deal with. 

We know that whatever happens the Tories will try to make us pay for their crisis so we must grow and develop and organise better than ever before to ensure our members are.

We believe that Howard Beckett is the person who should lead our union into tackling these industrial and political challenges – and we will support Howard Beckett for General Secretary of UNITE when the election is called.

We welcome all members who share our vision. Being part of another group in Unite does not prevent you from joining this group.

Join us Unite Unity Left – Winning Workplace Power 

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