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Unite Unity Left Statement of Support for Howard Beckett

Unite Unity Left is a broad based, worker led group within Unite providing a positive, safe space / organisation for disputes, training, campaigns, solidarity and idea sharing.   We must reassure members that to be active in UUL, there is no expectation that you leave other organisations you may be a member of within Unite.

Our focus is on “Winning for Workers & Our Communities” and our members want to build and organise within Unite for workplace power but also power in our communities.  Collective is key for everything we do.  Collectively in workplaces, communities and our Union is when we win.

When a General Secretary election is called we will be supporting HOWARD BECKETT.  Howard has the skills, experience, passion and determination to lead Unite.  He has both the experience of winning in the workplace and undoubtedly the ability to lead the largest union.

We are under no illusion, coming out of this pandemic, our rights as workers will be under attack, from the political establishment trying to roll back hard fought, previously won legislation and employers using Covid to downgrade contracts through fire and rehire practices and threat of mass redundancies.  We must protect our care sector, fight for our NHS against privatisation, and get the recognition for our key workers, our members, who have kept the country going through this pandemic.  Our next General Secretary must be both industrially and politically competent and have a proven track record of winning for workers.  We strongly believe this is Howard Beckett.

Howard is a compassionate and deeply caring person who also has confidence in the members of this Union.  He has proven time and again that he listens, takes action, and backs members all the way.